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The BBC on Japanese Infrastructure

From an article titled, “Will China fall flat on its face just like Japan?” I’m not going to get into the rest of the article, or indeed even the ridiculous title, but this bit here on “wasted projects” got my … Continue reading

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What food is this?

What would you say is covering the top of this donut-like pastry?  

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Shogi is Insane 将棋

I was feeling bored and unmotivated toady, so I decided to try and learn shogi, Japanese chess. All I can say is that it is insane.  Besides the obvious learning curve, there is just so much going on at one … Continue reading

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JCP Love Among Anglosphere Conservatives

Japan Probe definitely has a conservative bent, and it’s readers (if the comments are anything to go by) are generally even more conservative.  But in a post of election commercials (actually party commercials because it would be illegal for them … Continue reading

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Sisters of the Gion 祇園の姉妹 (1936)

Following up on yesterday, today we have another Kenji Mizoguchi film, from the same year, and again focusing on the hard lives of women.

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Naniwa Elegy 浪華悲歌 (1936)

First, have a look at that movie poster.  Right-to-left horizontal writing, did it used to be like that in the old days?  I mean, if it is even on a movie poster, presumably it was easy to read.  I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Recently I was reading a little bit about how one normally becomes a lawyer or judge in Japan.  Apparently this changed in 2004, but prior to that one would major in law as an undergraduate, then take an exam.  If … Continue reading

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