What food is this?

What would you say is covering the top of this donut-like pastry?



Personally, when I first bit into one of these I was very unsurprised to find that it was filled with whip cream, but very surprised to find that what I took for chocolate frosting was in fact a kind of bean jam, a thin layer of youkan (羊羹) to be precise.

They are actually quite delicious so my initial surprise quickly turned to enjoyment.  However, I think they tastily illustrate an important point:  things aren’t always what they appear to be.  You can look at something and be 100% sure that it is a chocolate doughnut.  If someone asked you you would even say, “Yeah, that’s a chocolate doughnut,” never realizing that you were wrong in a small but significant way.

Looks can be very deceiving.  Until you’ve fully tasted what you’re talking about, it might be better to be reserved in your opinions.

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