On the second anniversary…

This post is a day late due to a delay in getting the pictures I wanted, but nonetheless please keep the victims and survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in your minds during this second anniversary of the catastrophe.  Nearly 20,000 people died and hundreds of thousands of buildings were were destroyed, leaving about 300,000 people still displaced.

There’s been criticism about the pace of rebuilding, but the scale of the destruction is almost unimaginable (try Google Street View’s “Memories of the Future” project to get an idea of it), so please try and also keep in your hearts all the people who are working tirelessly everyday clearing debris and rebuilding areas.

To end on a more optimistic note, here are just a couple of photographs I took last year at Matsushima, Miyagi.

Long considered one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, Matsushima is renowned for its islands covered in beautiful red pines. The area was somewhat damaged, but as you can see life has returned, and it was easy to visit.

A rusted hot water pot washed up on the shore of one of the larger islands. Perhaps it simply fell off a boat, perhaps it used to sit in some unlucky person’s home before being washed away by the tsunami.

A truly gorgeous place.

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