International Pornography, Part II of II

As a follow up to my International Pornography post, I had another look at PornMD’s top searches for Eastern Asia.  Here’s all the countries for which they provide data, starting again with Japan:


South Korea:

South Korea



The Philippines:








and Cambodia:


As I said in my previous post, I suspect the people using this English language, US based pornography search engine are mainly English speaking foreigners in these countries, but it is still interesting to see the sort of searches these foreigners are making.

In Japan people seem to be right where they were hoping, and South Korea based expats seem pretty happy too.  But people stationed in China seem to wish that they were in Japan.  Residents of the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand all seem at least mostly satisfied, but it seems like those in Cambodia would be happier if they got to live in Korea.

In any case, except for Cambodia, Japan shows up in the top ten searches of every one of these countries.  Sometimes they are topping the chart such as for China, other times dominating the whole list as in the case of Thailand, and at other times just one among a company of nations as in Vietnam’s list.  But far and away Japan is the most omnipresent overall.  A real testament to Japanese hegemony in the dirtier parts of people’s minds.

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