In Defense of David-kun Part II of II

Last time I talked about how wrong the subtitles of the video “Davido-kun love Japan” were, and how even if you don’t know a single word of Japanese you should have been smart enough to realize how made-up they were.  This time we look at people who weren’t smart enough and also didn’t want to keep it to themselves.

David kun 2

On the video itself the top comments fall into two general categories.  First are people who are mad at the comedians for being so seemingly rude.


Apparently these people are generally violent, racist, and/or homophobic.

And second are people who think the guy is getting what he deserves.


As opposed to fake Japanese people.


Funny, his Evangelion shirt was about as far as anime came into it.  Mainly they were talking about maid cafes.  Did you start to feel threatened?



Yes, that and put some glasses on a dog.  Jesus and glasses dogs:  much better than anime.


Language, culture, experience, and job opportunites?  Let’s see, our man David speaks Japanese well enough to hold basic conversations, is interested in Japanese culture, experienced lots of places at least in Akihabara and Nipponbashi, and was featured on a Japanese TV show.  Looks like he managed all those things you think you did.

And then we have this guy (cut off the screenshot because it’s just too long):

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

Some gems, though:

“Japan’s culture is just a more cutthroat version of a capitalist society. They’re go further than WE WILL to cash in.”

What does this have to do with anything?

“What’s worse is that he only knows the most basic of conversational Japanese, AND he’s socially inept to boot so he can’t pick up on the OBVIOUSLY derogatory subtext that he’s being mocked.”

“Which I was able to pick up on by reading the subtitles.  I mean, why didn’t he just read the totally accurate subtitles?  Or better yet, just be really aggressive all the time and assume everyone is always mocking you.”

“I’m a former Marine, I was stationed in Okinawa Japan for two fucking years. If his fat ass was walking around on a day commemorating WW2 he would have easily been beaten half to death by a Bosozoko mob.”

No surprises about him being a US soldier living it up in Japan on everyone’s tax dollars, but which days are the ones commemorating World War II again?  And why would he be beaten up just for walking around?

“Understand that most Anime are for CHILDREN, and THE STUPID.”

Right, I totally forgot about that sub-genre made especially for “the stupid.”

“You want to get Japanese people to like you because you like anime?
Watch Fist of the North Star, or Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Those anime are so old, and so culturally ingrained over there that you’ll be able to have a casual conversation with almost anyone over there about it. Hell there are billboards of Kenshiro (a shout out to my actual anime fan buddies who aren’t weebs but know what I’m talking about!) all over the fucking place over there. There are Pachinko parlors with Kenshiro/Fist of the North Star themes all over the building.”

“My weeaboo thing is way better than your weeaboo thing!”

OK, now let’s take a comment or two from Reddit:


I don’t know, it seems to be pandering to his pretty well.



Yeah, it’s almost like there’s something wrong with the subs.



“Yeah man, those Otakus suck always hanging out with Japanese people while they’re in Japan.  They should be like us and have a more authentic Japanese experience by hanging out with all the other foreigners here!”

And finally, the award for most accidentally insightful comment goes to this guy:

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz002

Too true.  We make fun of Japanese tourists in America, and we also make fun of American tourists in Japan (though we’d like you to think it was Japanese people making fun of them).  Moral of the story:  don’t leave home, be happy with your lot in life.

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