Anti-social Behavior in Japan

Had a look at this video of some Western assholes skating in public areas of Japan:

It’s an interesting little social study to watch the Japanese reactions.  It strikes me that most Japanese people don’t really have a concept of anti-social behavior.  That is, most people don’t understand why someone, anyone would do something that they know is wrong and bothersome to other people, and in this case even seriously dangerous.  The main reaction people have is that these strangers must not understand how wrong and dangerous what they’re doing is.  And if they persist in doing it after being warned, then they must not have understood the warning.  It seems that the thought never enters people’s heads that they know it’s dangerous, somewhat destructive of property, and a general nuisance to others and yet persist in doing it just because they feel like it.  Japanese people are quite innocent in that regard.  I think that faith in others is a good thing, though I do hate to see it taken advantage of.

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