1 in 3 Women Report Sexual Harrasment in the Workplace

Look what comes up if you do news search for “japan”:

sekuhara japan

Well that certainly seems to confirm everything we’re always hearing about how sexist Japanese society is.  Unlike the West where it’s just a feminist paradise, of course.  Maybe a tiny percentage of people will run into a bad apple now and again, but it can’t be anything like “nearly a third”, that would just be “shocking”.

sekuhara america



Oh dear.


Oh dear oh dear.

Yeah, people in glass houses.

In all seriousness, sexual harassment is an awful thing that must be stamped out everywhere, especially in the work-place.  But focusing on ‘their problems over there’, especially when they are not any worse than ‘our problems here’ is a quite blatant and purposeful distraction from the issue.  It’s much easier and less bothersome to wring our hands for a moment about something morally reprehensible that happens out somewhere where we can’t do anything about it even if we cared to, than come face-to-face with the awful things happening in our very own neighborhood to people we personally know and care about, and might actually have a responsibility and ability to do something about.

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