Image Models?

So if you search for “booth babe” Wikipedia will tell you that the official term is “promotional model.”  The more you know.  But it goes on to tell you what they are called in Japanese too.

Image Models

“In Japan, they are known as image models and are being hired even by government agencies.”

But what’s that my cursor is up to in the lower left corner?

Image Models copy

That doesn’t look like “image models” at all.  In fact, that katakana word comes out as “event companion.”  And the Japanese article, in fact, makes no mention of “image model” anywhere.

Trying to search for it anyway, “image model” does not appear to be used very much, and is more equivalent to a spokesperson or celebrity endorser than a promotional model.  But even then, “campaign girl” appears to be the standard term, with some companies using “image girl” for their particular spokeswomen.

Hilariously, the Japanese article for “event companion” correctly describes the English term for this job to be “promotional model.”

Image Models 2

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