Densha Unten Shirei: Tokyo-wan Hen (電車運転指令 東京湾編)

Just wanted to post a quick note alerting everyone who enjoyed the first Densha Unten Shirei that a sequel has come out!osaka-hotel-window-train

This time we’re going in the other direction from Tokyo, following the coast east and south down past Tokyo Disneyland and into Chiba Prefecture.  This means the game includes two lines this time:  the Keiyo Line from Tokyo to Soga, and then the Uchibo Line from Soga down to Awakamogawa.  It’s about half-again as long as the first game (kilometer-wise), but that does mean we don’t get every station on the lines this time.  They keep the realistic distances, but you’ll only be stopping at twenty-six stations.  That is still five more than the previous game, though.

Otherwise, it appears to be exactly the same as the Tokaido version in terms of controls, graphics, etc.  Same gatcha collection system, three kinds of trains/services, a slew of missions to go on, and a relaxing free mode.  The train wrappings appear to be all new, and there are a ton of them again.  New buildings and billboards (advertising other Arc System Works games) are also present.  So, basically, if you like the first one, you’ll like this one too.  It’s the same price (¥800), and again has full furigana for you Japanese learners.

Here’s hoping they’ll get one more out before the 3DS is done.  Let’s go north next time!


Train Wrappings!

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