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Peyoung Chocolate Yakisoba

Happy Valentines Day! In a previous post I included a quote about how a country’s strengths are often its same weaknesses and vice versa.  I think that is largely true, and today I’d like to apply that to food and … Continue reading

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Mochi Ice Cream

Good sources for news on Japan are hard to come by.  Or at least bad ones are a dime dozen.   Ah yes, The Wall Street Journal’s Nihon Real Time, which is Japanese for Japan Real Time; they include both … Continue reading

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“Tokyo Dining” at Epcot

A quicky from Wikipedia:   “Tokyo Dining is now a traditional sushi restaurant.” Hmm, alright I guess….. “They serve…steak, grilled chicken and so on.” Uhh, I don’t think you know what “sushi” means.  Or “traditional” for that matter.

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Vernal Equinox

It’s the vernal equinox this week, which means all the stores are packed with food to be used as offerings at graves and alters.  As I don’t have either of those, for me it means a special selection of tasty … Continue reading

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What food is this?

What would you say is covering the top of this donut-like pastry?  

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