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A Study in Bad Social Science, re: Immigration

Or, A Response to “Why Does Japan Need Immigrants” from VisualPolitik EN. This video is just so mismatched between it’s slick presentation with its authoritative host, and it’s completely bonkers research methods that I couldn’t help but write up a … Continue reading

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Vox’s “Japan’s rising right-wing nationalism”

A commentary. I think what I dislike about Youtube channels like Vox most is their attitude.  It’s a attitude that says, “all you need to learn about this topic can be had in a seven minute video.”  They rarely leave … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding Yasukuni

Mindy Kotler has, according to her on CV, made her entire career out of being critical of Japan.  Or, to put it another way, she has made a career out of Japan-bashing.  Which of these is more true is really … Continue reading

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The Financial Times on Japanese Arcades

Let’s analyze this new video from the Financial Times.  It’s pretty much the archetype of stereotypical reporting on Japan, so I think it is worth looking at not so much to point out how dumb the Financial Times reporting is, … Continue reading

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Selling Used Goods in Japan

I’m taking a look at a Japan Guide post that is not the original post for a change: “So, basically, these stores are asking YOU to give your CDs away so that THEY can make money out of them?!?!  Is … Continue reading

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Image Models?

So if you search for “booth babe” Wikipedia will tell you that the official term is “promotional model.”  The more you know.  But it goes on to tell you what they are called in Japanese too.

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Take a Japan Whirlwind Tour?

Another question from Japan Guide.  I imagine many people might consider taking a tour to take the stress out of planning a Japan trip.

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