Creeping Terror (3DS) Review

Another Japanese 3DS download title that does not appear to have a single review in English anywhere, so I’ll write one.


Creeping Terror is one of a small number of horror games available on the 3DS.  It is the product of Sushi Typhoon, a horror-focused subsidiary of the Nikkatsu film studio.  Continue reading

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Densha Unten Shirei: Tokyo-wan Hen (電車運転指令 東京湾編)

Just wanted to post a quick note alerting everyone who enjoyed the first Densha Unten Shirei that a sequel has come out!osaka-hotel-window-train

This time we’re going in the other direction from Tokyo, following the coast east and south down past Tokyo Disneyland and into Chiba Prefecture.  Continue reading

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Selling Used Goods in Japan

I’m taking a look at a Japan Guide post that is not the original post for a change:

Selling Stuff.png

“So, basically, these stores are asking YOU to give your CDs away so that THEY can make money out of them?!?!  Is this some kind of Bizzaro parallel universe??”

To answer the second question first:  yes, it is.  Seriously Japan is as different as you can get from the West while still maintaining developed “first-world” institutions.

Koi Pond

Continue reading

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Airbnb Japan – Stay Away If Possible

Just wanted to point out some things about Airbnb (and “minpaku” style rentals in general) that many people don’t seem to realize:


  1. All Airbnb rentals in Japan are illegal.

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Image Models?

So if you search for “booth babe” Wikipedia will tell you that the official term is “promotional model.”  The more you know.  But it goes on to tell you what they are called in Japanese too.

Image Models Continue reading

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Tokyo Game Show – For Kids Only

Check out this ad for the 2016 Tokyo Game Show in the latest issue of V-Jump:

Kids Tokyo Game Show

At the top it says “Tokyo Game Show 2016, Special area that only middle schoolers and younger can enter!”  What’s more, those in elementary school and younger get in to the entire game show for free.

There’s something about this I find funny.  Continue reading

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Take a Japan Whirlwind Tour?

Another question from Japan Guide.  I imagine many people might consider taking a tour to take the stress out of planning a Japan trip.

Japan Tour

DSC07516 copy

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