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Conservatives back in power?

Lots of talk in the English media about Japan “swinging to the right” after the last election when the Liberal Democratic Party retook power. Hmm, at least for an American like myself, this doesn’t come off as something you’d expect … Continue reading

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Buddhists in Japan

Check out these maps I found on the internets!

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Nikolai’s Treats (1999)

A children’s “educational” game from 1999 I found on Macintosh Garden. “Join Nikolai and his naughty friend Neow-Neow as they travel the world to learn new recipes and see the sights! Help them discover fun facts about Italy, France, Japan … Continue reading

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Tokyo Olympiad 東京オリンピック (1965)

A long documentary about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.  The Olympics themselves were, and are, considered the stage from which Japan launched itself as a modern nation of the world, once more taking its place among the leading countries.  You see, … Continue reading

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